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Welcome to the Graduate School of International Studie

Excellence in teaching and research to broaden your horizons.

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Welcome to the Graduate School of International Studies

Inspired by the French grandes écoles model, the Graduate School of International Studies is the first of its kind in Québec. Our 80+ researchers cross disciplinary boundaries to advance our knowledge of international affairs, and our 200 students train to become experts capable of understanding, debating, and taking action on international issues.



Janie Piuze Duclos

Janie Piuze Duclos

Master's Degree in International Studies (2022) now an activities coordinator at ESEI

“During my master's degree in international relations at the Graduate School of International Studies, I not only had the opportunity to learn more about contemporary global issues from an academic point of view, but I also had the chance to experience the international field on a practical level. Whether during multidisciplinary seminars, intensive summer, autumn and winter schools or my internship in Paris, my years at the Graduate School of International Studies have enabled me to acquire all the necessary tools to build a future as a high-level specialist in international issues and have immersed me in this multidisciplinary environment in a concrete and dynamic way, which prepares me to face the professional world with confidence.”

Sabrina Zouaghi diplômée

Sabrina Zouaghi

Graduate of the master's program (2018) and policy analyst with the Government of Canad

My master’s program at the Graduate School of International Studies allowed me to tap into the expertise of internationally renowned professors on various aspects of international relations, particularly international law and security. I had the opportunity to work under the guidance of an experienced supervisor to produce a thesis based on my field research in Tunisia and to present my findings at an international event. In addition to my academic work, the experience I gained as a graduate student and the support I received from the ESEI team enabled me to establish a student association that has continues to organize the only French-language university model UN in North America (ASiFNUL). It goes without saying that the theoretical, practical, and collaborative skills I acquired during my master's degree are extremely useful in my work in the federal public service.

Aram Zhamharyan, diplômé de la maîtrise en études internationales

Aram Zhamharyan

Master’s Degree in International Studies (2019), now a trade policy officer at Global Affairs Canada

My master's studies at the Graduate School of International Studies were even more rewarding than I’d originally anticipated. Along with the classic academic courses, my program included multidisciplinary seminars, intensive summer and winter schools on current issues, a semester of study abroad, and an internship that allowed me to make a smooth transition between academic life and the working world. I particularly appreciated how this outstanding program blends academics with the practical skills that are so important in the workplace. I now feel well equipped to start my professional life with confidence.

Master’s Degree in International Studies (2018), now a PhD candidate

Jade St-Georges

Master’s Degree in International Studies (2018), now a PhD candidate

The Graduate School of International Studies (ESEI) gave me a chance to push myself, experiment, and grow through the many different academic and extracurricular activities offered. My professors imparted their love of research and international studies, and the school contributed to my personal and professional growth by developing my knowledge and critical thinking skills, nourishing my desire to do my part, and helping me build an invaluable network of colleagues and friends around the world

Alexandre Ruel-Bourassa, master’s Degree in International Studies

Alexandre Ruel-Bourassa

Master’s Degree in International Studies (2012), now a political/economic/public diplomacy specialist at the U.S. Consulate General in Quebec Cit

Thanks to the stellar reputation of the International Studies program and the tie-ins in with my interdisciplinary undergraduate degree in economics and political science, my M.A. helped me obtain a position with the U.S. mission in Canada. At the U.S. Consulate General, I work closely with the Consul General on a daily basis to help support her in her role.

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