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Paulin Diatta, Master’s student in International Studies (crédit-photo Jean Rodier)

Paulin Diatta

Master’s student in International Studies

I was thrilled to get into the Graduate School of International Studies (ESEI). After a Master II in Defence-Peace-Security at Cheikh Anta Diop University in Dakar and five fascinating years at WANEP-Senegal, where I was in charge of the Early Warning and Conflict Prevention Program, I felt the need to develop my skills further. My choice to do a master’s at ESEI was motivated by the quality of the program and the multidisciplinary nature of the curriculum, which fit perfectly with my professional goals.  When I finish, I intend to apply what I have learned to my native Africa, where there are enormous challenges in the area of security issue analysis.

Élianne Gendron, Master’s Degree in International Studie

Élianne Gendron

Master’s Degree in International Studies (2019), now an intern with Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada

My time at ESEI enabled me to develop the knowledge, skills, and above all, the versatility required to work at Global Affairs Canada. Studying international law, economics, political science, and management allowed me to develop a multidisciplinary approach to international issues. The high quality courses and teaching faculty encouraged me to deepen my analysis of these complex issues, and the internship that capped off my program was an opportunity to apply these new skills in a hands-on work environment.

Clément Fontaine, master’s Degree in International Studies

Clément Fontaine

Master’s Degree in International Studies (2019) now a consultant for the International Bureau for Children’s Rights

As someone with a keen interest in defending and promoting human rights, especially those of children, women and LGBT communities, I had the opportunity to do my master’s internship in the Sub-Saharan Africa Department of the International Bureau for Children's Rights (IBCR) in Montréal. This enabled me to delve deeper into issues in international development and children's law, leverage my interest in legal analysis and research, and develop my project management and adult education skills. From a personal standpoint, I also learned a lot about my own capabilities and analytical skills and my determination to work on causes that are close to my heart.

Sarah Bérubé, master's Degree in International Studies

Sarah Bérubé

Master's Degree in International Studies (2016), now an international economic policy analyst at Global Affairs Canada

The Graduate School of International Studies teaches students to explore issues from a multidisciplinary perspective, which is crucial when analyzing matters from a public policy perspective. As a policy analyst with the Government of Canada, I am called upon every day to assess the international, economic, and legal implications of a wide range of issues and am constantly thinking about the political considerations that could influence government decision-makers. The added value of the Master's in International Studies is that it allows us to look at issues facing society from multiple perspectives so that we have a more holistic understanding.