A Québec City-based centre of excellence on diplomacy and international issues

Since its inception in 1994, the Graduate School of International Studies (ESEI) has cemented its reputation for excellence in the training of diplomats and world-renowned experts on international issues. ESEI is also known for the quality of the research produced by its members, who advance our knowledge of the economic, cultural, and political dimensions of international relations and diplomacy on a daily basis. 

Pursue a diplomatic career or hone your skills, with programs designed to foster excellence

Our courses are known for their high standards and their ability to produce effective versatile diplomats and experts. 

  • Multidisciplinarity and interdisciplinarity are a key characteristic of all our programs: ESEI’s Master’s Degree in International Studies (M.A.) combines political science, economics/management, and law. Our doctoral program requires in-depth training in at least two concurrent disciplines.  
  • And our Short Graduate Program in Diplomatic and Strategic Affairs consists of 3 intensive multidisciplinary courses that challenge students with highly realistic scenarios. 

Bringing international affairs to life

ESEI is a focal point for all those interested in diplomacy in Québec: a meeting place for professionals, alumni, and students 

  • Serving diplomats, including those in foreign postings, and other professionals frequently take part in our intensive training sessions and scholarly activities. Their presence not only testifies to the quality of our activities, it also adds to it, as they share their expertise with our members and students. 
  • Our experts in residence participate in our programs, organize training and academic activities, and share their experience with our students.  
  • Most of our 800 graduates are active in the Canadian or Québec diplomatic service, the international departments of private sector companies or broader public sector agencies, or international and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). 

From Québec to the world: Diplomats and international experts draw on our knowledge

  • Many of our approximately 80 researchers  advise our governments on foreign policy and international economics. They also help keep the general public informed through the media.
  • ESEI is home to 10 research centres and groups that cover all major international issues: security, trade and investment, natural resources, inter-American cooperation, European integration, and geopolitical issues in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.
  • Diplomats and international experts around the world read our scholarly journal, Études internationales, the world’s only French-language journal in the field. It can be found in the libraries of foreign affairs departs across North America and Europe, at international organizations, and in some 100 university libraries around the world. 

Learning diplomacy by doing: Our students are well-equipped to serve as future diplomats

  • Master's students doing an internship will spend at least 3 months at an organization with an international vocation, including government departments, international organizations, and private companies of all kinds. 
  • Our students actively participate in simulations of major international organizations, including the United Nations, NATO, the European Parliament, the Arab League, and the African Union. 
  • They also attend our networking events, where they develop a broad range of communication skills. 
  • Each of the sixty-odd conferences and other scholarly activities that we organize each year is one more opportunity to push back the frontiers of knowledge.