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Adolf K.Y Ng


Regular member of ESEI

Adolf K.Y. Ng is a Professor of Transportation and Supply Chain Management. Graduated from the University of Oxrord, he excels in the research and teaching of transport geography, climate change adaptation planning, transportation infrastructure planning and management, institutional and organizational change, and global value chains. His scholarly outputs include seven books, more than 100 papers in leading journals, and other forms of publications. His works are highly influential. For example, in 2021, he was included in the list of the World's Top 2% Scientists list in a study conducted by Stanford University on the impacts of scholars around the world. He receives numerous prestigious accolades and frequently offers strategic advice to major organizations, for instance, United Nations (UN), European Commission (EC) and the African Development Bank (AFDB). He is currently an Associate Editor of Maritime Policy & Management and an editorial board member of reputable international scholarly journals. 

Recent publications:

Chen, Q., Ge, Y., Ng, A.K.Y. and Lau, Y.Y. (2022): ‘Implications of Arctic shipping emissions for marine environment’. Maritime Policy & Management (in press).

 Wang, T. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2022): ‘Responding to the barriers in climate adaptation planning among transport systems: insights from the case of the port of Montreal’. International Journal of Sustainable Transportation (in press, doi: 10.1080/15568318.2021.1960450).

 Munim, Z.H., Saha, R., Schøyen, H., Ng, A.K.Y. and Notteboom, T.E. (2022): ‘An evaluation of autonomous ship alternatives for future container shipping in the Arctic routes’. Journal of Marine Science and Technology (in press, doi: doi.org/10.1007/s00773-021-00836-8).

 Munim, Z.H., Duru, O. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2022): ‘Transhipment port’s competitiveness forecasting using analytic network process modelling’. Transport Policy (in press, doi: 10.1016/j.tranpol.2021.07.015).

Afenyo, M., Ng, A.K.Y. and Jiang, C. (2022): ‘A multi-period model for assessing the socio-economic impacts of oil spills during Arctic shipping’. Risk Analysis: An International Journal (in press, doi: 10.1111/risa.13773).

Guo, L., Ng, A.K.Y., Jiang, C. and Long, J. (2021): ‘Stepwise capacity integration in port cluster under uncertainty and congestion.’ Transport Policy 112: 94-113.

Monios, J. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2021): ‘Competing institutional logics and institutional erosion in environmental governance of maritime transport’. Journal of Transport Geography 94: 103114.

Chen, Q., Lau, Y.Y., Ge, Y., Dulebenets, M.A., Kawasaki, T. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2021): ‘Interaction between Arctic passenger ship activity and emissions’. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 97: 102925.

Prentice, B.E., Lau, Y.Y. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2021): ‘Transport airships for scheduled supply and emergency response in the Arctic’. Sustainability 13: 5301 (17 pages).

Lau, Y.Y., Dragomir, C., Tang, Y.M. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2021): ‘Maritime undergraduate students: career expectations and choices’. Sustainability 13: 4297 (18 pages).

Kong, Q., Jiang, C. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2021): ‘The economic impacts of restricting black carbon emissions on cargo shipping in the Polar Code Area’. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 147: 159-176.

Panahi, R., Ng, A.K.Y., Afenyo, M. and Lau, Y.Y. (2021): ‘Reflecting on forty years contextual evolution of Arctic port research: the past and now’. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 144: 189-203.

Kwon, A., Zhang, J., Lin, Y., Ozpolat, K. and Ng, A.K.Y. (2021): ‘Op-ed writing assignment in supply chain management courses’. Decision Sciences: Journal of Innovative Education 19(1): 90-111.

Lin, Y., Ng, A.K.Y., Zhang, A., Xu, Y. and He, Y. (2020): ‘Climate change adaptation by ports: the attitude of Chinese port organizations’. Maritime Policy & Management 47(7): 873-884.

Jiang, C., Zheng, S., Ng, A.K.Y., Ge, Y.E. and Fu, X. (2020): ‘The climate change strategies of seaports: mitigation vs. adaptation’. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment 89: 102603.

Lau, Y.Y., Zhang, J., Ng, A.K.Y. and Panahi, R. (2020): ‘Implications of a pandemic outbreak risk: a discussion on China’s emergency logistics in the era of COVID-19’. Journal of International Logistics and Trade 18(3): 127-135.

Panahi, R., Ng, A.K.Y., Afenyo, M. and Haeri, F. (2020): ‘A novel methodology for ranking risks associated with extreme weather events for Arctic shipping’. Accident Analysis and Prevention 144: 105673.

Wang, K., Jiang, C., Ng, A.K.Y. and Zhu, Z. (2020): ‘Air and rail connectivity patterns of major city clusters in China’. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice 139: 35-53.


Research interests

    • Global value chains
    • Transportation infrastructure planning and management
    • Climate change adaptation planning
    • Institutional and organizational change

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