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Christian Keen

Christian Keen


Regular member of ESEI

Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Faculty of Business Administration

Recent publications:

  • Bailetti, T., Tanev, S., & Keen, C. (2020). What makes value propositions distinct and valuable to new companies committed to scale rapidly?. Technology Innovation Management Review10(6), 14-27. https://timreview.ca/article/1365
  • Mejia-Morelos, J. H., Cisneros-Martinez, L. F., Keen, C., & Sanchez-Famoso, V. (2020). Relational Antecedents of Innovation in Family Firms: The Complexity Role of Non-Family Employees' Commitment. European Journal of Family Business10(2), 24-42.
  • Ibanescu, M., Chirita, G., Keen, C., & Cisneros, L. (2019). Canadian SMES in the Tourism Sector: A Taxonomy of Owner-Managers. Management International23(4), 176-188. DOI : 10.7202/1066078ar
  • Cisneros, L., Ibanescu, M., Keen, C., Lobato-Calleros, O., & Niebla-Zatarain, J. (2018). Bibliometric study of family business succession between 1939 and 2017: mapping and analyzing authors' networks. Scientometrics117(2), 919-951.
  • Hamid, E., & Keen, C. (2018). Managing rapid change and rapid-growth in emerging industries. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business30(4), 269-290.

Research interests

    • International entrepreneurship
    • International trade and commerce
    • Emerging economies
    • Fast-growing companies