Répertoire du personnel administratif et enseignant

Danièle Bélanger

Danièle Bélanger


Regular member of ESEI

Full Professor, Department of Geography, Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics, Canada Research Chair in Global Migration Dynamics

Recent publications:

  • Saracoglu, C. et Bélanger, D. Loss and xenophobia in the city: contextualizing anti-Syrian sentiments in Izmir, Turkey. Patterns of Prejudice. 53. 1-21 
  • Silvey, R. , D. Bélanger (eds). Special issue: The Im/Mobilities: Migrant Care Work and Transnational Families. Journal of Ethnic migration Studies
  • Bélanger, D. & Silvey, R. An im/mobility turn : power geometries of care and migration. (Introduction of special issue). Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.
  • Bélanger, D. & Candiz, G.  The politics of ‘waiting’ for care : immigration policy and family reunification in Canada. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies. Special issue.
  • Bélanger, D., Saracoglu, C. The governance of Syrian refugees in Turkey: the state-capital nexus and its discontents. Mediterranean Politics. 1-20. 

Research interests

    • International migration
    • Social demographics
    • Gender, population and development