Répertoire du personnel administratif et enseignant

Lota Dabio Tamini

Lota Dabio Tamini


Regular member of ESEI

Full Professor, Department of Agri-Food Economics and Consumer Science, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences, Economic Research Chair on the Egg Industry, Université Laval

Professor Tamini is a member of Centre de Recherche en Économie de l’Environnement, de l’Agroalimentaire, des Transports et de l’Energie (CREATE, Research Centre on the Economics of the Environment, Agri-food, Transportation, and Energy) and Centre d’études pluridisciplinaires en commerce et investissement internationaux (CEPCI, Centre for Multidisciplinary Studies in International Trade and Investment) at Université Laval.

Recent publications:

  • Lawin, K. G., Tamini, L. D. 2019. Tenure Security and Farm Efficiency Analysis Correcting for Biases from Observed and Unobserved Variables: Evidence from Benin. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 70, 116-134.
  • Lawin, K. G., Tamini, L. D. 2019. Land Tenure Differences and Adoption of Agri-Environmental Practices: Evidence from Benin. The Journal of Development Studies, 55, 177-190.
  • Mosadegh Sedghy, B., Tamini, L. D., Lambert, R. 2018. Effect of Price insurance Programms on Supply Response: A Case Study of Corn Farmers in Quebec. Asian Resaerch Journal of Agriculture, 10(1), 1-14.
  • Ouiminga I., Tamini, L. D. 2018. Factors impacting the willingness to pay for the protection of Di River: an approach by the Box-Cox double hurdle-model. Environmental Management and Sustainable Development, 7, 36-50.
  • Doyon, M., Bergeron, S., Tamini, L.D. 2018. Milked and Feathered: The Regressive Welfare Effects of Canada's Supply Management Regime: A Comment. Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politique, 44(3), 272-277.

Research interests

    • International agrifood trade and agricultural policy
    • Environmental and natural resource economics
    • Economics of production and producer behaviour