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Find profiles of faculty, experts in residence, postdoctoral fellows and doctoral students in international studies, as well as their most recent publications. You will also find contact information for staff members. Feel free to use filters by research topics or by category.

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Abdoulaye Anne
  • Education administration
  • Internalization in education
  • Comparative education
Adèle Garnier
  • Political geography
  • Migration and territory
  • Migration, inequality, and power
Alain Prujiner
  • Arbitration
  • International private law
  • International trade law
Anessa Kimball
  • Rationalistic and economic approaches
  • International cooperation
  • Defence and security
Antoine Ayoub
  • Development
  • Natural resource economics
  • Economics of transportation and energy
Arthur Silve

Arthur Silve

Program director of the Graduate School of International Studies

  • Creativity and innovation
  • Development
  • Political economics
Aurélie Campana

Aurélie Campana

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences

  • Djihadism
  • Right-wing extremism
  • Civil war
Bernard Beaudreau
  • International economics
  • Regional economics
  • Multinational corporations
Bruno Larue
  • Agri-food policies
  • Watershed management
  • Marketing
Catinca Adriana Stan
  • Didactics in human sciences
  • Citizenship education
  • Cultural history and teaching practices
Chantal Blouin
  • Health and global governance
  • Impact of trade policies on health systems
  • Policies on the agri-food environment
Charles-Emmanuel Côté
  • European Union, Canada
  • Settlement of international economic disputes
  • Investor/State arbitration
Christian Keen
  • International entrepreneurship
  • International trade and commerce
  • Emerging economies
 Dan Furukawa Marques
  • Alternative economies
  • Cooperation
  • Social movements
Danièle Bélanger
  • International migration
  • Social demographics
  • Gender, population and development
Cadre, en attendant la photo
  • Investment law
  • International trade and commerce
  • International trade law
Érick Duchesne
  • International political economics
  • International negotiations
  • Trade policies
Étienne Berthold
  • Sustainable development
  • Land use planning
  • Russian geography
Fannie Lafontaine
  • International criminal law
  • Criminal law
  • International humanitarian law
Felix Ballesteros Leiva
  • Management of immigrant workers
Florian Sauvageau
  • Political economics of the media
  • Journalism
  • Public policy on the media
Francesco Cavatorta
  • Democratization and authoritarianism in the Arab world
  • Dynamics of civil society
  • Political parties and Islamist movements
François Gélineau

François Gélineau

Vice Rector, International Affairs and Sustainable Development

  • Electoral studies
  • Public opinion
  • Democracy and democratization
Frédéric Lasserre
  • Geopolitical aspects of the Canadian Arctic and climate change
  • Security in Asia
  • Strategic water management issues
Geneviève Parent
  • National and international agri-food law
  • Food security
  • International public law
Georges Beaudoin
  • Natural resources
  • Flow of hydrothermal fluids
  • Carbon sequestration
Gérard Hervouet
  • Asian Studies
  • Comparative politics
  • International relations
Gordon Mace
  • Inter-American cooperation
  • Foreign policy and international relations
  • Political science
Guy Debailleul
  • Agricultural and agri-food systems in developed and developing countries
  • Food security
Henri Assogba
  • Environmental journalism
  • Media and democracy in Francophone Africa
  • Changes in journalistic practices
Hugo Loiseau
  • Political systems in Latin America
  • International relations
  • Cybersecurity
Isabelle Blanchette
  • Trauma
  • Armed conflict
  • Normal and pathological cognition
Ivan Bernier
  • Cultural diversity
  • International trade and commerce
Jean Mercier
  • Public administration and governance
  • Medical assistance in dying
  • Environmental policy
Jean-Frédéric Morin
  • Trade agreements
  • Architecture of international institutions
  • International political economics
Jean-Philippe Thérien
  • International cooperation
  • International organizations
  • International relations
  • Visual politics and culture
  • Human rights violations
  • Memory and memorialization

Jonathan Paquin

Director of the Graduate School of International Relations

  • U.S. and Canadian foreign policy
  • Management of the international order
  • Foreign interventions
Julia Grignon
  • International humanitarian law
  • Armed conflict
  • International human rights law
Karounga Diawara
  • Canada, Europe, West Africa
  • Law of economic regulation
  • Competition law
Kristin Bartenstein
  • International law of the sea
  • Arctic governance
  • International environmental law
Lota Dabio Tamini
  • International agrifood trade and agricultural policy
  • Environmental and natural resource economics
  • Economics of production and producer behaviour
Louis Bélanger
  • Design and functioning of international institutions
  • North American integration (NAFTA)
  • Canada–U.S. Relations
Luca Tiberti
  • Development economics
  • Poverty
Lucie Samson
  • Financial economics
  • Macroeconomics
Manuel Rodriguez-Pinzon
  • Drinking water
  • Water quality
  • Urban distribution networks
Margaret Schomaker
  • The role of language in international management processes
  • Linguistic and cultural integration programs offered by companies
Marie Brossier
  • Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Alternance of power
  • Democratization
Marie-Ève Arbour
  • Europe
  • Consumer health and safety
  • Civil liability
Marie-Hélène Gagnon
  • International trade and commerce
  • Empirical finance
  • Commodity markets
Matthieu Guitton
  • Cyber behaviour
  • Study of human behaviour in virtual spaces
Muhammad Mohiuddin
  • Strategic management of the global value chain
  • Corporate internationalization strategies
  • Microcredit and social entrepreneurship in emerging countries
  • Internationalization of Latin American economies
  • Geography of poverty, socioeconomic inequalities, and exclusion
  • Territorial and environmental governance (rural areas)
Nicole Bousquet
  • Development
  • Globalization
  • Sociology
Nicole Lacasse
  • Governance
  • International contracts
  • International development
Cadre, en attendant la photo
  • Global marketing strategies
  • Marketing to developing countries
  • International and cross-cultural marketing
Olga Alexeeva
  • Chinese–Russian relations
  • East Asia
  • Geopolitics of China
Olivier Boiral
  • Sustainable development
  • Ethics and social accountability
  • Environmental aspects
Olivier Delas
  • European Union law
  • International public law
  • International organizations
Pamela Colombo
  • Latin America
  • Military dictatorships
  • Genocide and mass violence
Patrick Gonzalez
  • Economics of information
  • Microeconomics
  • Game theory
Paule Halley
  • Environmental law
  • Environmental criminal law
  • Sustainable development
Philippe Bourbeau
  • Migration
  • Security
  • International relations
Philippe Le Prestre
  • Global ecopolitics
  • International organizations
  • Negotiations
  • Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union in the 20th century
  • Europe’s international relations
  • Franco-American relations
Richard Ouellet
  • International economic law
  • Regional economic integration agreements
  • WTO law
Serge Kablan
  • E-commerce law
  • Law and artificial intelligence
  • Transport law
  • History of China, from the 17th century to 1949
  • History of relations between China and the West, from the 17th century to 1949
Sophie Birère
  • International project management
  • Management of international aid
  • Entrepreneurship in developing countries
Sophie Lavallée
  • Urban planning and development
  • Environmental law
  • International environmental law
Sophie Verville
  • International trade law
  • International private law
  • Intellectual property law
Stéphane Leman-Langlois
  • Radicalization and terrorism
  • Transnational policing
  • Security intelligence
Steve Déry
  • Marginality
  • Integration in the mountains of mainland Southeast Asia
  • Ethnic minorities
Sylvain Dessy
  • Growth and development
  • Labour economics
  • International economics
Sylvie Loriaux
  • Right to resistance
  • Territorial rights
  • Emmanuel Kant
Talbot Imlay
  • European international politics, 19th-20th centuries
  • Political, military and economic history
  • World War II
Véronique Guèvremont
  • WTO law
  • Cultural diversity
  • Culture and sustainable development
Yan Cimon

Yan Cimon

Assistant Vice-President, External, International and Health Affairs

  • Technology/knowledge strategy and management
  • International alliances, multinationals, and North American integration
  • Defence and security sectors (government and industry)
Cadre, en attendant la photo
  • Humanitarian action
  • Peace-building
  • Refugees
Zhan Su
  • Strategic management and internationalization of business
  • Intercultural management