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Donations to the Graduate School of International Studies allow us to offer our students scholarships and support activities related to their studies.

We would first like to gratefully acknowledge the contributions of our many donors. 

Our students are very grateful for donor support, whether in the form of scholarships or funding for activities related to their graduate studies. Our researchers also appreciate the donations they receive for their work.

Support the development of global diplomacy through your donations

You can support our activities by making a donation to the following funds. 

Fonds d’enseignement, de recherche (FER) et de publication en études internationales (0257) 

The purpose of the fund is to promote and fund university research and teaching in the fields of international relations, international development, and international affairs in the International Studies program at Université Laval.

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Fonds d'enseignement et de recherche (FER)-Fonds des diplômés et amis (2572) 

The objective of the fund is to offer graduate scholarships to students and facilitate participation in national and international events (conferences, symposia, etc.).

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Fonds du journal Regard Critique (2573) 

The purpose of the fund is to financially support Regard critique, the scientific journal managed and produced by our students. Regard critique is an independent French-language publication that covers international issues from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and provides students with hands-on experience in journalism and knowledge mediation.

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