Multidisciplinarity, our DNA

It’s the value proposition that sets us apart, and one of the keys to understanding international phenomena in all their complexity. Four core disciplines underpin our teaching and research programs: law, economics, management, and political science.

Multidisciplinary training in international studies

We are able to offer interdisciplinary programs thanks to our partnerships with 6 Université Laval faculties. Most of our courses are offered through the following faculties: Business Administration; Agriculture and Food Sciences; Law; Forestry, Geography and Geomatics; Arts and Human Sciences; and Social Sciences.

Master’s Degree in International Studies (M.A.): A multidisciplinary program from start to finish

  • Qualifying coursework may include up to 6 undergraduate courses in law, economics, and political science, depending on the student’s background.
  • Required coursework in the master’s program covers three or more areas, depending on the student’s chosen concentration (International Relations, International Development, International Trade and Investment, or International Security), with at least 1 course in international law, 1 in economics, and 1 in political science.
  • Multidisciplinary seminars explore international issues through the prism of 2 or 3 disciplines.
  • Students in the course-based master’s program must produce a research paper drawing on 2 disciplines to deal with their topic.
  • Students in the research master’s program must produce a thesis that closely associates 2 disciplines. Students are co-supervised by 2 faculty members, one from each field.

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 Doctorate in International Studies (Ph.D.): A synthesis of 2 disciplines

  • Doctoral coursework covers two disciplines and includes a multidisciplinary methods course.
  • Multidisciplinary seminars explore international issues through the prism of 2 or 3 disciplines.
  • The student is co-supervised by 2 researchers from 2 of the 4 core disciplines: law, political science, economics, and management.
  • The dissertation combines 2 of the 4 above-mentioned core disciplines.

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Multidisciplinary research

  • Most of our research members are from our 6 partner faculties at Université Laval.
  • Our research groups are made up of researchers from different disciplines who work together to establish their research program and activities.
  • The quarterly scholarly journal, Études internationales, features articles in political science, law, economics, and other fields related to international relations, development, business, and trade.

Other multidisciplinary activities

  • Our winter, summer, and fall schools are intensive, week-long courses that examine international issues from multiple perspectives. Themes are presented by speakers (academics and practitioners) from numerous disciplines and fields.
  • Academic events present speakers from many different fields who discuss topics in international relations, law, management, development, and more.
  • Our students take part in numerous extracurricular projects, most of which are for credit. In the course of these projects, they draw on their knowledge in fields such as international law, international relations, economics, and international development management.