Internships and travel abroad

You will become internationalists through your training with us, but we want you to quickly gain international experience as soon as possible. Learn more about your options. 

Opportunities abroad

Internships for credit outside Québec 

If you have chosen the course-based master’s degree, you will have the choice of doing an international internship out of province or abroad. This is invaluable work experience, often leading directly to employment within the organization.

Financial support: several scholarship programs can help you meet your needs during your out-of-province internship.

For-credit internships: The process of obtaining approval for a for-credit internship and registering for internship credits is described in the section on internship approval and registration procedure on the course-based master’s degree page.

University exchange programs

During your master’s degree, you can take part in a student exchange and do one semester at a university abroad. Three programs offer this opportunity:

  • The International Profile program
  • The BCI Québec Student Exchange Program
  • The General Student Exchange Agreement Program (Programme Ententes générales d’échanges d’étudiants)

Information on university exchanges in the Master’s Degree in International Studies (M.A.) program


Research data collection trips

Students registered in a research master’s or doctoral program have to collect field data. The duration of these trips may vary. 

Financial support: Canadian citizens and permanent residents on a for-credit data collection stay of at least 8 consecutive weeks outside the province of Québec may apply to the International Office for a scholarship under the out-of-province internship or research mobility program. 

Short stays 

Master’s and doctoral students who wish to experience life outside Québec while acquiring additional skills have access to 3 short-stay mobility scholarship programs through the International Office:

  • Out-of-province scientific communications scholarship
  • Scholarship for attending out-of-province summer universities
  • Scholarship for attending an out-of-province course

Extracurricular activities that open a window on the world

International organization simulations usually take place outside the country, for example the Model League of Arab States in Birmingham, UK, or the Model United Nations in New York. While Université Laval trade missions can send you around the globe. 

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