Language requirements

Knowledge of languages is a highly valued asset in academic and professional circles, which is why ESEI has put a policy in place to develop our students’ language skills. 

See our Politique de compétences linguistiques  (Language Skills Policy) in the useful documents section on our Forms and useful documents page.

Language skills (French and English) 

Proficiency in French and English is a prerequisite for earning a master’s or doctorate in International Studies. Unless an exemption for acquired skills is granted, all students must pass an English test. You must take the test during your first semester in the program. If you don’t get a high enough score, you will be asked to take the necessary English courses to reach the required level of proficiency. 

Find out about the English test

Similarly, non-French speakers must pass a French test to measure their proficiency and ensure they have the level they need to succeed in their studies. 

Find out about the French test

Other language skills  

Since proficiency in foreign languages is an asset, we encourage you to learn other languages during your studies. ESEI will facilitate access to language courses and activities that help you hone your skills. Although these activities are encouraged, they do not apply toward your degree. 

Université Laval’s  École de langues offers numerous modern language courses. 

Information on language requirements