Master’s Degree in International Studies (M.A.)

The quality of our master's program in International Studies has been recognized for decades, both in Canada and around the world. Our young graduates benefit from the reputation of the program and add to it with their openness, professionalism, and desire to excel. Regardless of the master’s you choose, you will have to decide whether you want to complete a “course-based” or “research” degree.

Course-based master’s degree

Students opting for a course-based master's program must submit a research paper and do an internship for a minimum of three months, in Québec or abroad.

Research master’s degree

Students choosing a research-based program must write a thesis, a comprehensive research document that prepares you for further study at the doctoral level.

If necessary, you may be required to do qualifying coursework.

Students accepted into the master’s program in International Studies come from a variety of undergraduate programs, and qualifying coursework provides them with a common knowledge base. It consists of a maximum of six core courses in the program’s main disciplines: law, economics, and political science.

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