Research master’s, with thesis

As part of your research master’s, you must produce a thesis on a multidisciplinary topic of your choice. A thesis is a substantial work that demonstrates your ability to conduct scientific research in preparation for a doctorate or research career.

The content of a research master’s program differs from that of course-based program (fewer courses, more research credits), and there is no internship. Writing your thesis is the most important part of your master's degree.


Definition of a thesis

Your thesis presents the results of the research you have done during your master’s. Through both its content and form, it demonstrates your ability to apply analytical and critical thinking skills to a complex problem and express your thoughts in an organized way. You must adhere to accepted standards of scientific research throughout the process, including standards of presentation. The research findings presented in your thesis are expected to contribute to the advancement of knowledge.

Steps in writing a thesis

After completing the coursework for your master’s degree, you will write a thesis on a multidisciplinary issue of your choice. The thesis counts for 24 credits. You will work under the guidance of two supervisors, each a professor in a different department or faculty participating in the program.

The work is divided into two stages: developing and defending a research proposal, then writing the thesis itself.

Evaluation and submission of your thesis

Once evaluated, your thesis will be submitted at the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

  • You must obtain prior approval from your supervisor and the program director before your thesis is submitted.
  • Your thesis must be submitted in electronic format.

You’ll find more information in the evaluation section of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies website.


    Additional information on theses

    Please refer to the documents below in the Forms and useful documents section:

    •  Guide d'encadrement du mémoire (Guide to Thesis Supervision)
    •  Normes de rédaction du projet de recherché (Research Project Writing Standards)
    • Graduate Student Supervision Policy

    All required forms are also in this section.

    View the faculty directory to find professors who may be interested in supervising your thesis.

    Thesis directory

    The complete list of theses submitted by our students is available on the Université Laval Library website. Note: To view ESEI theses on this page, select the discipline of International Relations.

    We also showcase theses recognized for the quality of their analysis and their intellectual rigour.

    Examples of ESEI student theses

    Information on admission to the master’s program

    See the page on admissions and selection criteria for our programs.

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