Short Graduate Program in Diplomatic and Strategic Affairs

The Short Graduate Program in Diplomatic and Strategic Affairs is designed for anyone seeking to broaden their knowledge or supplement their training on the major international issues of the day. 

A short program with some exciting features

This short graduate program is the only one of its kind in Canada. 

  • 9 credits: flexible format with three 5–7 day intensive winter, summer, and fall schools
  • Part time only, over two semesters or more
  • Multidisciplinary content: political science, law, economics/management, and other fields
  • Varied educational methods, including theory classes, presentations by practitioners in the field, prestigious lectures, simulations, practical exercises, field trips, public events, and networking activities
  • Graduate diploma awarded on completion
  • Encourages students to supplement their training with a graduate diploma

Content of the short program: 9 credits 

The short program is composed of three courses from our international schools.

Detailed description of the program on the Université Laval website

1 required course (3 credits)

ETI- 6022 - Pratique des relations internationales, offered every year in March

2 optional courses from among the following (6 credits)

DRT-7016 – École d'automne sur l'Union européenne, fall semester, in October

ETI-7017 – École internationale d'été sur les extrémismes politiques, summer semester, in May

ETI-7022 – École internationale sur la sécurité alimentaire, summer semester, in May

ETI-7032 - Summer School on the Geopolitics of Natural Resources, summer semester, in May; even numbered years at Université Laval, odd numbered years at the University of Calgary (The School of Public Policy)

ETI-7024 – École internationale d'été sur les conflits et les interventions internationales, summer semester, in June, even-numbered years at Université Laval, odd-numbered years at Sciences Po Bordeaux (France)

ETI-7028 – École d'été sur la consolidation de la paix, summer semester, in May


Information on admission to the short program

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