Student association: REMDÉI

The graduate student association, REMDÉI (Regroupement étudiant de la maîtrise et du doctorat en études internationales) represents you on ESEI’s official bodies and organizes numerous social and cultural activities. Get involved by attending the general meetings or joining the executive! 


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Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, 5e étage, local 5403

Mandate and statutes of the association

Regroupement des étudiant(e)s de la maîtrise et du doctorat en études internationales (REMDEI) is a graduate student association whose mandate is to: 

  • Protect the educational interests of its members
  • Promote student life in the master's and doctoral programs in International Studies
  • Take an active part in developing these programs
  • Promote cohesion among ESEI students

Members meet twice a year: in January for the Annual General Meeting and in September for the Special General Meeting. The members of the executive and other representatives are elected at these meetings. 

REMDÉI statutes adopted in 2022 (in French only)

Activités culturelles et sociales

Cultural and social activities

The student association offers a wide variety of activities throughout the year, including educational field trips, cultural events, happy hours, wine and cheese receptions, and other social events. Follow REMDEI on Facebook for updates on upcoming activities. Have a suggestion for an event? We’d love to hear it! 

Academic travel 

During fall or winter reading week, REMDÉI normally organizes an academic trip that provides an opportunity to visit international organizations and meet with those in charge. Popular repeat destinations from past years include: 

  • New York: the United Nations, the Canadian Mission to the UN, Human Rights Watch, etc. 
  • Washington: Québec Government Office and embassies 
  • Ottawa: embassies 

The association regularly organizes visits to the National Assembly of Québec. 

Social activities

Popular activities include: 

  • Back-to-school BBQ 
  • Professional happy hour  
  • Ice fishing  
  • End-of-semester dinners 
  • Sugar shack outing 
  • Plus, a funding activity for the academic trip 

Your representatives

REMDÉI executive committee

  • Alice Bonardi-IgoutSecretary-General
  • Anthony Gagnon, Secretary for Academic Affairs
  • Anthony RhéaumeSecretary for Internal Affairs
  • Éva Heitzmann, Secretary for External Affairs
  • Quentin Arnaud, Finance Secretary
  • Charles-Henri Lagacé, Secretary for Socio-cultural Affairs 
  • Jeanne Lalonger-Laurent, Secretary of Administration and Communications 
  • Cora-Lee Lavoie, First-year Student Representative  
  • Siméon Rolland, Doctoral Student Representative
  • Amadou Keita, International Students Representative

Detailed description of executive member mandates  (PDF, 560 Ko) (in French only)


    Representatives on the ESEI Executive Committee

    • Sarah Lajeuneusse, Doctoral Students Representative

    Representatives on the Program Committee

    • Frédéric Poitras,  master’s student in International Studies 
    • Laurie Durel, doctoral students representative
    • Siméon Roland, research student in international studies

    Student investment fund

    • Alice Bonardi-Igout, as Secretary-General
    • Quentin Arnaud,  as Finance Secretary
    • Frédérik Poitras 
    • Lou Kérichard-Giorgi 

    Board of Directors of Association des étudiantes et étudiants de Laval inscrits aux études supérieures (AELIÉS)


    • Anthony RhéaumeSecretary for Internal Affairs