Student projects

Extracurricular activities are a great way for students to supplement their training, and may in some cases be recognized as for-credit activities by the program director. 


Simulations of international organizations

Simulations not only place students in a highly realistic arena of summit negotiations, they also provide opportunities to build networks with young people from all walks of life during the event. They are held each year at a university or international organization. 

All the delegations below have their mailboxes in our offices, except ASNUUL, which has a mailbox at the Department of Political Science.

Model Organization of American States (MOEA-Laval)

Supported by Centre d'études Interaméricaines (CEI), this simulation is held in a different country of the Americas every year in July. The simulations are organized by a host university in partnership with the OAS’s Foreign Affairs Department. Facebook page  


Washington Model Organization of the American States (WMOAS-Laval) 

The Washington Model Organization of American States is organized by the Institute for Diplomatic Dialogue in the Americas (IDDA) in partnership with the OAS in late March. 
WMOAS website | Delegation from Université Laval | Facebook page |,


Model Arab League (CIMAL Laval)

The Université Laval Delegation to the Cairo International Model Arab League was created in 2007 and first attended the simulation held in Cairo. It will attend the Birmingham Model Arab League in May. 
CIMAL website Facebook page |


Simulation of the European Parliament Québec-Canada-Europe (SPECQUE)

Created in 1998 by Université Laval students, SPECQUE is now the largest European Parliament simulation in the world. It allows students from some fifteen universities from Canada, Europe, and around the world to develop their critical thinking about the European Union and its relations with Canada and Québec. It is held in August.
SPECQUE websiteFacebook page |


Simulation francophone des Nations Unies (SiFNUUL) (Francophone Model United Nations

This French-language simulation was established by ESEI students in 2014. Recruitment takes place throughout the fall and the event itself is held during winter reading week in March.
Université Laval delegation | Facebook page |


Model NATO

The International Model NATO is held in Washington D.C. The Université Laval Delegation was created in 2007 by ESEI students and recruits participants at the beginning of the fall semester for the event, whch is held in May. 
Facebook page |


Model African Union

The International Model African Union Conference (IMAUC) is held in February by Howard University, in partnership with the African Union Mission in Washington.
IMAUC website | Facebook Page |


Model United Nations

The National Model United Nations (NMUM) is the oldest UN simulation of all. Université Laval’s delegation attends every year in New York, in late March.
NMUN website | Université Laval Delegation | Facebook page | 

Other projects popular with our students

Thanks to their multidisciplinary training, our students play a leading role in various activities organized at the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Administrative Sciences. 

International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Clinic (ICHL Clinic)

The Clinic responds to requests from lawyers, NGOs, and victims of human rights violations. It assigns real cases to students, who carry out their work on site, and occasionally abroad.
Clinic website | Facebook page |


Charles Rousseau International Law Moot Court Competition

This French-language international law moot court competition requires participants to prepare a brief and then face off as they plead a fictitious case before leading international law specialists.
Competition website | Person in charge of the competition at Université Laval 

Université Laval Trade Missions (MCUL)

This program gives students the opportunity to get hands-on experience in international trade. After completing the training, participants take on the task of exploring or opening up an international market for a real-life Québec business. 
Site des MCULFacebook page |