École internationale d’automne sur l’Union européenne

École internationale d’automne sur l’Union européenne is organized by the Jean Monnet Chair in European Integration of Université Laval, in collaboration with Cercle Europe and Centre de Recherche et de Documentation Européennes et Internationales (CRDEI) of the University of Bordeaux. 

Intensive training on the European Union


  • The fall school is an intensive course that brings together some twenty researchers and practitioners who are internationally recognized in their field.   
  • This is a 3-credit course (DRT-7016). It can be taken in non-credit mode.  
  • It is one of the courses that make up the Short Graduate Program in Diplomatic and Strategic Affairs. So you can start or continue the short program by attending this school.  

When and where

  • In October, during reading week, at Université Laval.  
  • 1 intensive week: 6 days, from Sunday to Friday.  

For who

  • Graduate students  
  • Young professionals  
  • Undergraduate students: see the details on the Faculty of Law website. 


  • Issues are addressed using a multidisciplinary approach, particularly from the perspective of law and political science.   
  • The educational format combines lectures, panel discussion, and debates, a symposium (Les Ateliers Schuman), and public networking activities. 


  • Global Affairs Canada
  • European Delegation to Canada
  • Ministère des Relations internationales et de la Francophonie (MRIF), Government of Québec
  • Société québécoise de droit international

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