École internationale d'été sur la consolidation de la paix (EN)

École internationale sur la consolidation de la paix is an initiative of  Centre sur la sécurité internationale  (CSI). 

PLEASE NOTE THAT THE 2021 EDITION OF THE SUMMER SCHOOL IS CANCELLED due to the health situation in Québec.

Objectives of École internationale sur la consolidation de la paix

As stated on the CSI website, the objectives of the school are to: 

  • Present the history, context, and people involved in the genesis and contemporary implementation of the concept of peacebuilding
  • Understand the strategic tools available to the United Nations for peacebuilding
  • Analyze how the main principles and instruments of international justice and transitional justice have changed
  • Present some of the major peacebuilding issues through country case studies or thematic analyses (political transitions, land issues, justice and peacebuilding, security reform, DDR, etc.)
  • Understand the challenges of peacebuilding by analyzing a particular country case study—Colombia—and studying other similar situations

Brief outline of the summer school


  • This high-level school brings together some twenty internationally recognized experts who are either practitioners on the ground or university researchers.
  • The school is a 3 credit course (ETI-7028). It can also be taken in non-credit mode. 
  • It is one of the courses that make up the Short Graduate Program on Diplomatic and Strategic Affairs. So you can start or continue the short program by attending this school.

When and how

  • 1 week in May: 6 or 7 days, depending on the year
  • On the Université Laval campus

For who

  • Graduate students  
  • Professionals from the public, broader public, and private sectors
  • Students who are finishing up their undergraduate degree (60 credits completed) may be accepted under certain conditions.


  • Issues are addressed using a multidisciplinary approach: political science, law, economics and other disciplines as required.  
  • The educational format combines lectures, roundtables or debates, workshops, seminars, simulations, field trips, and public networking events.


At the end of the program, participants will have a better understanding of the complexity of conflicts, the tools the United Nations has to restore peace, the concepts of international justice and transitional justice, and the different forms of peacebuilding. Case studies provide background for the presentations. 

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