13 février 2024

Heure: 12 h 30 à 14 h
Lieu: DKN-1270

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Dans le cadre des activités de la Chaire de recherche sur la culture visuelle en études internationales, venez assister à la conférence de Danielle Taschereau, intitulée « Visions coloniales des identités autochtones au Canada: Documentation, administration et les interventions de l'art autochtone »

La conférence sera en anglais.

How are documents good for thinking about settler colonial policies? And how can art help us look at documents and the policies they bring into being? For many decades, Canadian state agents have used paperwork to materialize the category of Indian status. From the text of the Indian Act to registration forms, status cards, and reports, administrative documents have been tools that the state has used to make visible—and invisible—Indigenous peoples. In practices of looking back at law, Indigenous artists and activists have been guides to thinking disobediently with administrative archives. This talk will present decolonial and feminist artistic strategies as guides for analyzing settler bureaucratic practice while creating decolonial futures.