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Richard Giguère

Richard Giguère

Expert in residence

Associate member of ESEI

Richard Giguère is a retired brigadier-general and visiting professor at Université Laval and specializes in defence and international security issues.   
With over 35 years of varied experience in the Canadian Army (career in the infantry with the Royal 22nd Regiment), he has worked in operational environments (Germany, Oka crisis, Haiti, Kabul, Kandahar), diplomacy (military attaché in Washington), and academics, both in Canada and abroad.   He commanded the Second Battalion of the Royal 22nd Regiment, Québec Citadelle, Land Force Quebec Area (now the 2nd Canadian Division), Joint Task Force East, and the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, whose mission is to prepare senior Canadian and foreign military and civilian leaders to meet complex defence and security challenges. He is a graduate of École de Guerre in Paris and has completed operational training at the Joint and Combined Warfighting School in Norfolk, Virginia.  He is a research associate at the International Centre for the Study of the Profession of Arms (ICSAO) affiliated with the Royal Military College Saint-Jean.

Research interests

    • International security
    • Defense
    • War on the ground